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Research interest

Strongly correlated systems Low-dimensional systems, Luttinger liquids, quantum phase transitions, metal-insulator transition, magnetism, Heisenberg-, and Hubbard-like models, high-spin ultracold atoms, spin liquids
Field theoretical methods of many particle systems; path integral formalism, perturbative methods, renormalization group, bosonization, mean-field theories, semiclassical methods, projective constructions of spin liquids, exact diagonalization, Bethe ansatz method

Selected talks

Exotic superfluid states of one-dimensional high spin fermionic systems

Kaiserslautern School 2014:
    Part I (Fundamentals of high spin systems, spin wave description, valence bond picture),
    Part II (Competing spin liquid states of high spin systems on 2D square and honeycomb lattices)

Stability of spin liquid phases of high spin alkaline earth atoms on honeycomb lattice

Exotic magnetic order for high spin ultracold fermions

Overview for models and methods of strongly correlated systems