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Curriculum Vitae


Scientific degree

Ph.D: Roland Eötvös University, Doctoral School for Physics, Budapest, Doctoral Program for Statistical Physics, Biological Physics and Physics of Quantum Systems, 2007. (summa cum laude)
Investigation of low-dimensional n-component fermionic systems


M.Sc: Roland Eötvös University, 2003.
Metal-insulator transition in the Hubbard model
Other studies: Chemistry at Attila József University, Szeged, Hungary 1994-1996.

Awards, fellowships

  • János Bolyai Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2015. (3 years)
  • Supervisor Award of National Scientific Research Program for Students (OTDK), 2013.
  • Best of 2011 Award of Europhysics Letters, 2011.
  • Young Researcher Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2008.
  • Postgraduate Research Fellowship of International Research Training Group, 2007. (8 months)
  • Ph.D. fellowship: Young Researcher Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003. (3+1 years)

Network memberships, visits

  • International Research Training Group 'Electron-Electron Interaction in Solids' 2005 --- 2009.
  • European Graduate College ' Electron-Electron Interaction in Solids' 2002 --- 2005.
  • Philipps-Universitat, Faculty of Physics, Marburg, Germany
    Short term visits at the Many Particle Systems Group:
    • October 2007.
    • February 2008.

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