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Popular Science
  • E. Szirmai One-dimensional World - Motivation & Methods (in Hungarian, original title: "Csőbe húzott elektronok" - Egydimenziós világ) Élet és Tudomány 29, 909-911 (2009)

  • CGQI - International Workshop on Cold Gases in Quantum Information, Leioa (Bilbao), Spain, 2015
    Exotic superfluid states in one-dimensional high spin ultracold atomic systems
  • Quantum Technologies Conference VI., Warsaw, Poland, 2015
    Phase separated orbital-FFLO state in a chain of high spin ultracold atoms
  • International School and Workshop on Anyon Physics of Ultracold Atomic Gases, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2014
    Stability of time-reversal symmetry breaking spin liquid states of high spin fermionic systems (2 lectures)
  • Quantum Technologies Conference V., Krakow, Poland, 2014
    Orbital-FFLO state of two-orbital high spin fermionic atoms on a 1D optical lattice
  • Workshop on Coherent Control of Complex Quantum Systems, Okinawa, Japan, 2014
    Stability of spin liquid phases of high spin alkaline earth atoms on a honeycomb lattice
  • Workshop on correlations and Coherence in Quantum Systems, Évora, Portugal, 2012
    Exotic magnetic orders for high spin ultracold fermions
  • Physics of Magnetism, Poznan, Poland, 2011
    Competition between multipole orders and nonsinglet valence bonds in high spin systems
  • IRTG Seminar, Rackeve, Hungary, 2011
    Exotic magnetic orders for high spin ultracold fermions
  • IRTG Seminar, Rackeve, Hungary, 2009
    Momentum dependent superconductivity in a two-component fermion system
  • IRTG Seminar, Riezlern, Austria, 2008
    Overview for models and methods of strongly correlated systems
  • Marburg-Mainz Workshop on the Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Mainz, Germany, 2008
    Weak-coupling analysis of the one-dimensional t-U-J1-J2 model at half band-filling
  • IRTG Seminar, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2007
    Spatially inhomogeneous phases in the SU(n) Hubbard chain
  • IRTG Seminar, Riezlern, Austria, 2006
    Phase structure of an n-component fermionic ladder
  • EGC Seminar, Riezlern, Austria, 2005
    Metal-insulator transition in low-dimensional Hubbard-like models
  • EGC Seminar, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2004
    SU(n) Hubbard models in low dimension
  • EGC Seminar, Riezlern, Austria, 2003
    Metal-insulator transition in the Hubbard model

Other participation on conferences, workshops

Poster presentations
  • Workshop on Probing and Understanding of Exotic Superconductors, Trieste, Italy, poster
  • Conference on Field Theory Methods in Low-Dimensional Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems, Trieste, Italy, 2014, poster
  • BEC2014- Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence, Levico Terme, Italy, 2014. poster
  • Workshop on Quantum Simulations, Benasque, Spain, 2013. poster
  • Workshop on New Magnetic Field Frontiers in Atomic/Molecular and Solid State Physics, Les Houches, France, 2013. poster
  • International Workshop on Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence, Lyon, France, 2012. poster
  • Workshop on Quantum simulations with Ultracold Atoms, Triest, Italy, 2012. poster
  • Workshop on Frontiers in Ultracold Fermi Gases, Triest, Italy, 2011. poster 
  • MPI-ICFO QOT Meeting, San Benet, Spain, 2010. poster 
  • 3rd QOIT-Annual Meeting, Valencia, Spain, 2010. poster 
  • International Conference on Magnetism, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2009. poster 
  • International Workshop on Nanomagnetism and Superconductivity, Coma-ruga, Spain, 2009. poster 
  • Physics of Magnetism, Poznan, Poland, 2008. poster 
  • A New Carbon Age --- IRTG Workshop, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2008.
  • Coherence and Incoherence in Strongly Correlated Systems -- Satellite Conference of Statphys. 23, Rome, Italy, 2007. poster 
  • Correlated Quantum Gases --- IRTG Workshop, Marburg, Germany, 2007. poster
  • Interdisciplinary Statistical and Field Theory Approaches to Nanophysics and Low Dimensional Systems --- Summer Conference, Como, Italy, 2006. poster 
  • Disorder and Interaction --- IRTG Workshop, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2006.
  • The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Vienna, Austria, 2005. poster 
  • Quantum Magnetism --- EGC Workshop, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2005.
  • Dynamics at Surfaces and Interfaces --- EGC Workshop, Marburg, Germany, 2004.
  • Correlated Electrons in Mesoscopic Systems --- EGC Workshop, Ráckeve, Hungary, 2003.