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Teaching activity

1986-      Preengineering, Electricity and Optics (in English)
1986-1991      Physics (practice) (Fac. Electric Engineering, Informatics)
1998-       Theoretical Physics I-II-III (Fac. of Nat. Sci, mathematician)
1996-2000      Quantum Mechanics (practice) (Fac. of Nat. Sci, eng-physicist)
1994-      Selected topics in Quantum Mechanics (Fac. of Nat. Sci, eng-phys)
1994-2011      Mathematical Methods in Physics (practice) (Fac. of Nat. Sci, eng-phys)
2005-2006      Quantum computers (25%) (Fac. of Nat. Sci, eng-phys).
2005-      Modern Mathematics for Physicists (Fac. Nat. Sci, eng-phys)
2010-      General Relativity (Fac. Nat. Sci, eng-phys)