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Theoretical physicsgroup theoretical and geometric methods in quantum theory, quantum entanglement, black holes in string theory, quantum chaos, algebraic scattering theory

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The Black Hole/Qubit Correspondence

Recently striking multiple relations have been found between pure state 2 and 3-qubit entanglement and extremal black holes in string theory. Here we add further mathematical similarities which can be both useful in string and quantum information theory. In particular we show that finding the frozen values of the moduli in the calculation of the macroscopic entropy in the STU model, is related to finding the canonical form for a pure three-qubit entangled state defined by the dyonic charges. In this picture the extremization of the BPS mass with respect to moduli is connected to the problem of finding the optimal local distillation protocol of a GHZ state from an arbitrary pure three-qubit state. These results and a geometric classification of STU black holes BPS and non-BPS can be described in the elegant language of twistors. Finally an interesting connection between the black hole entropy and the average real entanglement of formation is established.