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Dr. Sándor Kugler
Associate Professor
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Institute of Physics,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budafoki út 8.
H1111 Budapest

+36 1 463 2146
+36 1 463 3567

kugler (at) eik (dot) bme (dot) hu


Our "Graphene" papers:

S.Kugler and I.Laszlo: Connection between topology and Pi-electron structure in amorphous carbon; Phys. Rev. B 39 3882-3884 (1989)
K. Kadas, I. Laszlo, and S. Kugler: Topologically determined midgap states in amorphous carbon; five- and seven-fold rings, J. Non-Cryst. Solids. 198-200 91-93 (1996).
K. Kadas, I. Laszlo and S. Kugler: Atomic structure and electronic density of states around the Fermi level in amorphous carbon models, Solid State Comm., 97 631-634 (1996).

Last modified: 21 Apr 2014