Research Activity

Nano size magnetic structures get stressed attention nowadays, because of their huge importance in magnetic data storage technology. Large amount of reasearch is currently focusing on magnetic systems with reduced symmetry. (layered systems, atomic size clusters)

Breaking symmetries can cause larger and more complicated coupling constants between spins. Usually the Heisenberg model is used to describe these systems. Due to the symmetry reduction, non-scalar coupling coefficients can occur. (e.g. Dzyaloshinsky–Moriya interaction) The magnitude of the couplings can be also increased compared to the bulk system.

My research area is the thermodynamic properties of magnetic clusters deposited on non-magnetic host. We can calculate eletronic properties of the system, using a DFT-based fully relativistic screened Korringa–Kohn–Rostocker code. I am using the Monte Carlo method, based on this first principle code to investigate the thermodynamics of these systems.

First, we concluded that in such a systems the scalar Heisenberg cuplings are the most important terms, however, in clusters of complicated shape, we expect some new features.

My other projects

  • Modeling belief systems with scale-free networks
  • P2P redistribution of volunteered computer resources