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Large Hadron Collider

Cern-blog - közérthetően mindenről, ami a CERN-ben történik, fizikusoktól, újságíróknak
Cern on Twitter - Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What's happening?
Cern Press Office - official CERN press office :)
Cern Bulletin - Bulletin Board and News

Scientific Journals

Physical Review Letters - moving physics forward
Physical Review A - atomic, molecular, and optical physics
Physical Review D - particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology
Reviews of Modern Physics
Physics Letters A - general physics, incl. quantum physics
Physics Letters B - nuclear physics and particle physics
Physics Reports - A Review Section of Physics Letters
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Journal of Physics A - Mathematical and Theoretical
Journal of High Energy Physics
New Journal of Physics
Proceedings of the Royal Society A.
Foundations of Physics
Foundations of Physics Letters
Quantum Information Processing
Open Systems & Information Dynamics
International Journal of Theoretical Physics
Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
arXiv - preprint archiv (Cornell University)

Books, course notes

Chaos Book - web-book on classical and quantum chaos
Quantum Computation - lecture notes by John Preskill
Andai Attila (hun) - magyar matematikai-fizika anyagok
Kristóf János (hun) - magyar analízis jegyzet
Lawrence Lessig -- Free Culture -

Encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
WikiProject Physics - improve the quality of existing articles related to physics
Phys Wiki - phys project of "The Tangent Bundle"
Quantiki - quantum wiki
Math Wiki - math project of "The Tangent Bundle"
Math Wiki (hun) - BME-s matematikai tudástár
PlanetMath - math for the people, by the people
Wolfram Mathworld - the web's most extensive mathematics resource
The Mathematical Atlas - a gateway to modern mathematics
Merriam-Webster - Merriam-Webster online dictionary
SZTAKI Dictionary - online dictionary (english, german, french, italian, dutch, polish) ↔ (hungarian)
Magyar helyesírás (hun) - online magyar helyesírási szótár
world clock -

People with interesting stuff, blogs (not only physics, mathematics)

John Baez - "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics" (blog), fun stuff, tons of course notes, etc...
Lubos Motl: The Reference Frame - "The most important events in our and your superstringy Universe as seen from a conservative physicist's viewpoint" (blog about physics, string theory, politics, public life, etc...)
Hraskó Péter (hun) - tudományos írások
X-aknák (hun) -
Lukács Béla (en) - studies
The geometry junkyard - by David Eppstein
David Eppstein - computational geometry and graph algorithms
Theoretical Philosophy Forum - including logic and philosophy of formal sciences
LaPoM - Student and Faculty Seminar on Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics
Szabad Változók (hun) - Filozófia és tudomány
Dark Roasted Blend - highly visual "Weird & Wonderful" online magazine to complement your daily coffee ritual.
The Big Picture - News stories in photographs
Atlas Obscura - A Compendium of the World's Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica
Kuriositas -
Nat Geo Adventure -
Discovery News -
Wired Magazine -
Hírek.csillagá - A Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület hírportálja
Siska Ádám's homepage (en) - composer and performer of contemporary music
Lúdanyó (hun) - Vida Mari (TTK Dékáni) receptblogja

Math/phys games, fun, jokes

Klein Bottles - Glass Klein Bottles for sale
Math Games - by Ed Pegg Jr. on MAA online


Software for Mathematics - linkpage of the AMS
YoLinux - Linux information portal - Hungarian Unix Portal
BME math LaTeX (hun) - LaTeX magyarítás (BME Matematika Intézet)
Bruce Barnett's tutorials - VERY Useful adn didactic unix stuff
GNUPlot - not so Frequently Asked Questions -

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