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Új: Kvantumösszefonódás Speci
fizikus, matematikus BSc, MSc, PhD hallgatóknak

I am Szilárd SZALAY,
mathematical physicist, researcher, with knowledge of quantum entanglement and quantum information theory. Interested in beautiful, deep and fundamental problems lying in the heart of quantum mechanics, together with their exciting manifestations in the field of quantum information science and quantum computing.

I did my Ph.D.
at the Department of Theoretical Physics
of the Institute of Physics
of the Faculty of Natural Sciences
of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
My supervisor was Péter Lévay.

I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow
at the Strongly Correlated Systems ("Lendület") research group
of the Theoretical Solid State Physics Department
of the Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics
of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

My office is located in
Building I., 1st floor, 120/b,
"KFKI" Campus,
Konkoly-Thege Miklós str. 29-33,
H1121 Budapest.

office phone number +36 1 392 2222, ext. 3046

Feel free to contact me:
e-mail addressszalay (at) phy (dot) bme (dot) hu

Please have my ResearcherID:

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Szilárd Szalay
or, what you will... :)

Szilárd Szalay

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