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Fields of Interest:
  • Networks (statics and dynamics of complex evolving structures)
  • Econophysics (analysis and modelling data from economy and finance by tools of statistical physics)
  • Traffic models (cellular automata description of one and two dimensional vehicular traffic, correlation functions, congestion as phase transition, the geometry of the traffic jam etc.)
  • Granular systems (cellular automata and molecular dynamics modelling of the flow, avalanches and segregation in granular media)
  • Pattern formation (spatial and temporal instabilities leading to patterns including growth phenomena, fractals, surface structures, aggregation, DLA, Eden and related models)
  • Percolation theory (universality problems, directed, continuum, correlated percolation, relation to phase transitions, nucleation problems)
  • Statistical physics of liquids (atomic dynamics of metallic and non-metallic simple liquids)
  • Computer simulation methods (efficient simulation of many particle systems, vector and parallel computation, cellular automata, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, cluster statistics)