Curriculum vitae

Personal information

Name:                    Jakovác, Antal
Date of birth:         May 8, 1968.
Place of birth:        Budapest
Family status:        married, 4 children

Scientific qualification

DSc  physics 2007, MTA Hungarian Academy of Sciences
PhD physics 1996, “Dimensional Reduction in the Finite Temperature QFT’s”, supervisor prof. András Patkós
MSc physics 1992, “Effective theories of QCD”, supervisor prof. András Patkós


2010-           associate professor at Department of Theoretical Physics, BME, Budapest, Hungary
2009            research associate at Department of Theoretical Physics,  Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany
2007-2009:  Humboldt fellow at Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany
2005-2010:  associate professor at Department of Experimental Physics, BME, Budapest, Hungary
2002-2005:  research associate at MTA-BME research group "Theory of Condensed Matter"
2000-2002:  postdoctoral fellow in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
1998-2000:  Magyary Zoltán fellow at Department of Theoretical Physics, BME, Budapest, Hungary
1996-1998:  postdoctoral fellow in DESY, Hamburg, Germany

Visiting positions

2006 CERN (1 month)
2005 CERN (1 month)
2004 CERN (1 month)
1995: EU-TEMPUS fellowship, Graz, Austria


2002: Bolyai fellowship
2001: Novobáczky Károly award (Lorand Eotvos Physics Society)


english, german, french (reading), russian (base level)

Teaching experience

2010-        :  special course “Finite Temperature and Nonequilibrium Field Theories”
2009-        :  electrodynamics (Bsc), particle physics (Msc) lectures
2005-2007:  electrodynamics (Bsc) lectures
2004-2007:  particle physics (Msc) lectures
2002-2004:  exercise in electrodynamics (Bsc), particle physics (Msc)
1998-2000:  exercise in statistical physics, thermodynamics, particle physics (BME)
1992-1996:  exercise in mechanics, quantummechanics, electrodynamics (ELTE)


1976-1982    elementary school (Gödöllő, Budapest)
1982-1986    high school (Apáczai Csere János Gimnázium)
1986-1987    military service
1987-1992    physics student, ELTE
1992-1996    doctoral student, ELTE