Seminars of the Department of Theoretical Physics
Fridays at 10:15, Seminar room, F.III.1

Spring Semester 2012

10.02. László Szunyogh
Department meeting L. Szunyogh
17.02. Pascu Moca Catalin
Quantum noise of a carbon nanotube quantum dot in the Kondo regime I. Varga
24.02. Gábor Etesi
A relationship between 4d quantum YM theory over ALF spaces and 2d CFT I. Varga
(F3213, 12:30)
Bertalan Horváth
A nemegyensúlyi Anderson szennyező modell vizsgálata perturbatív térelméleti módszerekkel
(PhD defense, in Hungarian)
G. Zaránd
09.03. Alexander Shnirman
Deconherence in adiabatic quantum evolution: application to Cooper pair pumping G. Zaránd
No seminar: day off
23.03. B. Dóra
Lattice generalization of the Dirac equation to general spin and the role of the flat band I. Varga
30.03. András Jánossy
Two-dimensional magnetism in an antiferromagnetic, layered organic crystal I. Varga
Good Friday
13.04. Róbert Juhász
Griffiths effects in dynamical processes on networks I. Varga
20.04. Krisztián Koháry
Arithmetic and Biologically-Inspired Computing Using Phase-Change Materials S. Kugler
27.04. Gábor Kiss
Elastic alpha particle scattering experiments and the astrophysical gamma process B. Apagyi
04.05. Ádám Gali
Optical excitation and electro-luminescence of single nitrogen-vacancy defect in diamond: theory I. Varga
11.05. Márton Kanász-Nagy
Stable Skyrmions in a strongly interacting trapped Bose gas I. Varga
18.05. Gábor Domokos
The evolution of pebble size and shape in space and time J. Torok
04.07. Viktor Eisler
Entanglement in the presence of defects G. Zaránd
06.07. Dmitri Khveshchenko
Josephson junctions between unconventional superconductors and their arrays I. Varga