Seminars of the Department of Theoretical Physics
Fridays at 10:15, Seminar room, F.III.1

Fall Semester 2014

19.09. Márton Kanász-Nagy
Exotic quantum phases in cold atomic systems G. Zaránd
26.09. Judit Romhányi
Thermal Hall effect in SrCu2(BO3)2 Cs. Tőke
03.10. Zoltán Darázs
Parametric amplification of the mechanical vibrations of a suspended nanowire by magnetic coupling to a Bose-Einstein condensate Cs. Tőke
10.10. György Szabó
Anatomy of games Cs. Tőke
17.10. Miklós Werner
Simulation of the time evolution of interacting one-dimensional systems: a numerical study of the thermalization of the XXZ spin chain Cs. Tőke
31.10. Gábor Takács
Correlations after quantum quenches in the XXZ spin chain: Failure of the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble Cs. Tőke
07.11. Péter Mati
The scalar O(N) model in the framework of the Functional Renormalization Group: the large N limit and truncation effects Cs. Tőke
14.11. Robert Konik
(Brookhaven National Lab)
Glimmers of a quantum KAM theorem: insights from quantum quenches in one-dimensional Bose gases G. Takács
28.11. Szabolcs Csonka
Quantum interference in Cooper pair splitter devices Cs. Tőke
05.12. János Török
Tutorial to the new webpage system of the institute Cs. Tőke
12.12. István Groma
(ELTE-Dept. Materials Science)
Collective properties of dislocations Cs. Tőke
19.12. Gábor Pete
(BME-Dept. Stochastics)
TBA Cs. Tőke