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Zaránd Gergelyassociate professor 463-1482
György Mihályprofessor463-2312
László Szunyoghassociate professor463-4109
László Udvardiresearch associate professor463-4109
Balázs Újfalussy research associate professor 392 2222 Ext. 1171
Ôrs Legeza research associate professor 392 2222 Ext. 1190
Pascu Moca Catalin research coworker 463-1482
András Halbritter assistant professor 463-2311
László Bordaresearch coworker463 4108
Orsolya Ujsághyresearch coworker463-3569
Bence Lazarovits Postdoc392 2222 Ext. 1171
Anna TóthPhD student463-2691
Bertalan HorváthPhD student 463-2691
Ákos RappPhD student463-2691

05.10.2006. Gergely Zaránd Keldysh formalism I.
19.10.2006. Gergely Zaránd Keldysh formalism II.
02.11.2006. Bence Lazarovits and Bertalan Horváth Keldysh formalism III.
09.11.2006. András Halbritter Molecular electronics: experiments
16.11.2006. Bertalan Horváth Keldysh formalism IV. Application to Anderson model
30.11.2006. László Udvardi Brief introduction to ab-initio methods I.
7.12.2006. László Udvardi Brief introduction to ab-initio methods II.
14.12.2006. László Szunyogh Introduction to KKR method I.
18.12.2006. László Szunyogh Introduction to KKR method II.

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  1. 384. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar
    "Nonequilibrium Transport of Strongly Correlated Systems"

  1. G. Zaránd: Introduction to Keldysh formalism