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T. Ala-Nissila: Dynamics of reaction fronts in fractals
S. Alonso: Control of wave turbulence in three-dimensional excitable media by weak nonresonant stimulation
G. Armstrong: Wave propagation in distributed media
S. Bagyan, Ch. Warnke, Th. Mair, S. C. Müller: Glycolytic oscillations in an open spatial reactor
Cs. Bagyinka, J. sz, S. Száraz: Oscillations in the early phase of hydrogenase enzyme kinetics measured by photoreduced methyl-viologen initiated fast kinetic reaction
T. Bánsági Jr., A. Kiss, D. Horváth, Á. Tóth: Convective instabilities in the chlorite-tetrathionate reaction
P. Bardsley: Complex pattern development in a plug flow reactor
M. Britton: Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the 1 ,4-cyclohexanedione-bromate-acid oscillator
K. Rácz, M. Burger, Zs. Nagy-Ungvárai: Autocatalytic reaction between hemin and acidic bromate
J. Cartwright: Chemical garden (an experimental demonstration)
V. Casagrande: Turbulence in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation with nonlocal coupling
F. Guarrasi, C. Sbriziolo, M. L. Turco Liveri, T. Tosaya, S. C. Müller, M. J. B. Hauser: Localization of the components of a cytochrome P450 model system in a synthetic membrane
O-U. Kheowan, V. S. Zykov, S. C. Müller: Transition from local to global feedback control of spiral wave dynamics
K. Iván, M. Wittmann, P. L. Simon, Z. Noszticzius, J. Vollmer: A novel type of electrolyte diode
Zs. Viranyi, A. Szommer, A. Toth, D. Horvath: Electric field induced lateral instability in the chlorite-tetrathionate reaction
I. Z. Kiss: Combustion initition and extinction in an open chaotic flow
M. Kohout*, I. Schreiber, P. Hasal, M. Marek: Modelling of coupled enzyme membrane oscillators and excitable systems(html)
K. Kovács, Gy. Rábai: Temperature compensation in the Bray reaction
M. Y. Kulikov: Generalization of Basic Dynamical Model approach for distributed dynamical systems and its application to obtaining new information from observations
I. Szalai, K. Kurin-Csörgei, M. Orbán: Mechanistic studies on a dual substrate -dual catalyst batch bromate oscillator
R. Lombardo, C. Sbriziolo, M. L. Turco Liveri, K. Pelle, M. Wittmann, Z. Noszticzius: Perturbation of the oscillatory BZ reaction with polyethylene glycol
D. N. Mukhin: Bayesian approach to extraction of nonlinear dynamical models from experimental data
T. Nagy, T. Turányi, M. J. Pilling: A reduced mechanism for the tropospheric degradation of isoprene
V. Nevoral: Continuation and bifurcations in TWC microkinetics
L. F. Olsen: Dynamics of formation of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils
J. sz, Cs. Bagyinka: Experimental evidence for the autocatalytic reaction cycle of hydrogenase from Thiocapsa roseopersicina
K. Pelle, M. Wittmann, Z. Noszticzius, R. Lombardo, C. Sbriziolo, M. L. Turco Liveri: Perturbation of the oscillatory BZ reaction with methanol and ethylene glycol: experiments and model
T. Postler, D. Snita, M. Marek:
Nanochannel model of electrolyte diode. 2D mathematical modeling
J. Tóth, K. Kovács, M. Riedel, B. Vízvári: Computer assisted study of the mechanism of the permanganate/ oxalic acid reaction
O. Pesek, L. Schreiberova, I. Schreiber: Modelling of the dynamics of the hydrogen peroxide-thiosulfate-Cu2+ system -single CSTR and diffusion-coupled cells
D. Snita: Effect of convection on electrolyte diode. 1 D mathematical modeling and experiments
U. Storb: Instability at the organizing center of a 3-dimensional vortex wave structure
L. A. Miklósi, G. Szabó, Gy. Rábai: pH-oscillations in the presence of weak acids
F. Bois, C. Brochot, J. Tóth: Lumping in pharmacokinetics
P. Kumli, M. Burger, M. J. B. Hauser, S. C. Müller, Zs. Nagy-Ungvárai: Oscillations in the BZ reaction with sorbitol in the presence of bromine
T. Vanickova*, M. Kohout, I. Schreiber, M. Kubicek: Waves and spatiotemporal patterns in thermokinetic reaction-diffusion-convection systems ( html)
M. Voslar, J. Zagora, I. Schreiber: Refinements of the mechanisms of some pH oscillators -the bromate-sulphite-ferrocyanide and hydrogen peroxide-thiosulfate-Cu 2+ systems
J. Zádor, T. Turányi, M. J. Pilling: Quantitative assessment of uncertainties for a model of tropospheric ethene oxidation
I. Gy. Zsély, J. Zádor, T. Turányi: Local and global similarity of sensitivity vectors of complex kinetic systems
N. Halidi, A. Visegrády, A. Volford, Z. Noszticzius and B. Somogyi: Initiation of intracellular Ca waves with local and global perturbation: Model calculations
K. Kály-Kullai: A fast method to simulate travelling waves in nonhomogeneous chemical or biological media (html)

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